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Disabilities Advocates of Delmarva Inc.


Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Scholarship Guidelines

Disability Advocates of Delmarva, Inc.

People recognized for their ability, not disability with integration into every community.

To improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through advocacy and support services.


Resources - available assistance that is current and provides information needed by the individual and their family.

  • BLN Link
  • DORS
  • Others
  • Scholarships - to advance the education of a student with a disability to create an opportunity for obtaining gainful employment.

        DADI will offer up to a four ( 4 ) full year college degree for students with a disability and graduating from a high school in the lower Eastern Shore area.

    Accessibility Assessments - for business and personal use.

  • Ongoing commitment
  • Business to comply
  • Public Relations
  • Provide assistance where needed